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Charge Up Your Organisation


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Charge Up Your Organisation reveals the direct relationship between organisational ‘Diss-Ease’ and the consequence to corporate profitability. A company’s response to ‘misbehaviour’ is at best a reaction, after which a crisis often shows itself within the organisation. These are the consequences of diss-ease at a very basic level, and may have been avoided had there been devotion to understanding and acknowledging that human capital is the biggest investment any business can make.

The true cost of such eruptions can never be accurately determined. Effects are felt through the company — from the absent employee who is unable to perform his assigned duties, to the customer who does not communicate dissatisfaction but decides to move her business away. The outcome of any manifestation of organisational Diss-Ease is a hit to company profits.

By respecting and acknowledging the relationship between company profits and the crucial human capital component, companies can benefit financially from organisational health and wellness. Ashikka Veerasamy presents a call to action, demonstrating the emotional and financial costs to companies and employees when the relationship between them is affected and infected.


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