Is a proudly South African, black-female owned company specialising in corporate training and consultancy services. Our objective is to shift organisations, by prioritising their human capital component to achieve organisational effectiveness.

Mediocrity is not a standard for success, therefore, our highly competent and professional team understand your need to transform into an effective, highly profitable enterprise that is able to deliver the demands of your clients. Congruent Business Solutions trainers are experts, who have transformed FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies internationally.

We enhance organisations with breakthroughs in thinking, increase performance to exceed expectations and sustain extraordinary results. Our quality training and consulting services extend from sales, strategy and leadership, to internal audit and governance.

People are the drivers of corporate growth. The requirement for world-class organisations are contingent on quality – quality people, systems and processes.  You can become drivers for your own growth path.

Congruent Business Solutions may not work for ordinary companies, we work with organisations who want to do more to hit higher profits, by galvanising talent. Our goal is to nurture those leaders who will rise to the next level of leadership and remain calm amidst the chaos.






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